College admissions, in our opinion, in the United States is based on a student’s horoscope, social security number, blood type, race, zip code, recommendations and criminal record. In addition, it is also based on your household wealth. Colleges all over America positively discriminate towards members of the aristocracy.

Tom Mathew firmly believes colleges are unregulated investment vehicles not subject to federal, state or local law. In addition, they are also immune to most criminal statutes, commercial fraud and racketeering charges.


Your astrological horoscope is the most critical aspect of college admissions. This is why so many kids get rejected from top universities. If you do not know your horoscope, you can get a birth chart from any online horoscope service or reliable astrologer (many can be reached on the internet). You will need to know your birthdate, birth time and the location of where you were born (this is to determine the latitude).

Colleges use the horoscope to see if you are ambitious and capable of achieving something in the future. Top private universities do NOT want ambitious and capable students in their programs. This is why so many talented students get rejected.

Horoscopes ae used by our national security services as well. Getting your horoscope done by an astrologer or an internet service will not guarantee admissions. What a horoscope can help any student with is a future forecast of a three-year period of misery. This generally happens in the years 26 through 34 of a student’s adult life. If such a gap occurs in your horoscope, these may be the best years for a career change, marriage, children and also matriculation into a graduate program.

Social Security Number

This number was invented by IBM and it is an alphanumeric code that reveals to universities your birthdate, sex, blood type, time of birth, place of birth and also your race. There is a direct correlation to your SSN’s sequences and to your actual SAT score. This number can also be put into software to arrive at your horoscope.

Blood Type

Based on your blood type, you will be denied admissions. Top schools overwhelmingly do not want male O- blood types.


Most schools do not want minorities in their programs unless they are a historically minority populated school.

Zip Code

Your zip code can be utilized to see how wealthy you are and also to retrieve your mortgage and property tax records. This numbers can be placed into credit card software to arrive at your household wealth.


This is an actual example of a horrible recommendation. This recommendation states that the candidate is an absolute idiot. In addition, it states the student is incapable of anything but pedantic thought. The author of this recommendation states through sophisticated language and idiom that the candidate is lazy and shiftless and spends most of his time helping poor street urchins.

The worse thing about this recommendation is that it is kept on a retrieval device. Alumni from this institution, as well as intelligence services, can access this recommendation years later and it can be used forever to hurt this candidate.

Criminal Record

Colleges are given access to juvenile criminal databases and use these records to deny admission. Here is an actual criminal complaint against a student that was dismissed. It is common in our nation to find police precincts that manufacture criminal charges against minorities and the poor to deny admission.


Based on your birth date, time of birth, blood type, race and zip code we can tell you at Tom Mathew Mentoring, Advisory and Preparatory Services exactly what college you will get into at the age of 13. We will then set up a weekly schedule and activities profile to get you into those colleges.